who I am and why I’m here.

My name is Linsey . When I am faced with the question “who are you?” my answer is always the same I’m a writer. Now though as another year  has ended and a new year begun I’m faced with the utterly unforgivable truth that I have become a writer who doesn’t write!

This year 2015 I aim to change that fact. This time however I’m going to take a different approach. Instead of making lofty goals I know I won’t carry through and making promises to myself I know can’t keep I’m taking the pressure off.

I’m going to find the fun in writing again.I am not quite sure what I will write about what if  anything this blog will be at year’s end but I will make one promise between now and then I will try to write something everyday even if it’s a sentence or two.

This is going to be fun and hopefully at this years end I can say I spent it just writing.