If i could invent something…

I was asked a question today “Linsey, if money was no object and you could invent  something to  help mankind what would it be?” I  didn’t have a good answer at the time. I think I muttered something like “I really don’t know” but I have been thinking about it all day  and I think I came up with a much better answer.

I would invent a machine that painlessly rendered ambulatory people who stepped into it temporarily   physically disabled. The effect of the invention would last forty-eight hours.Then I would l fight to make it a  mandatory law that every  healthy ambulatory  person had to  go through the process at least  once in their life. Now  if  you think about it  you can probably see the benefits of my would be invention. For those who aren’t  getting it that’s okay I’ll explain.

See, the machine would promote equal treatment and understanding. Once you  walk ( or can’t in this case) a mile in another’s  shoes its hard to still be cruel  to that person.  So now I want  to see  whose reading this post and what they have gotten from it.

So now  for you I have a challenge  answer this question in the comments : Why make it mandatory that all healthy ambulatory people go through the process at least once in their lives?( the answer  will be at the very bottom of this post)









ANSWER: simple disability is not voluntary