25 letters challenge and same sex marriage

First off let me tell you I have been sick so that I haven’t been  writing but I’m better now so here I am.  To get inspired I went to the daily post blog and found a cool prompt.

The prompt is  the following; There are 26 letters in the English language, and we need every single one of them. Want proof? Choose a letter and write a blog post without using it. (Feeling really brave? Make it a vowel!)  I choose “Y”   so from this —-> point on I will not use that letter in this post.

Can I do it?  we will see.

I don’t watch the news that much  or keep with that stuff so I’m the last to know almost all the time.  About a week ago I found out that on the sixth of this month the most amazing thing in  the  world happened  the state of Florida (where I live) made same sex marriage legal!

This is great news for  some friends of mine! On a personal level however I’m not looking to get married. If I did chances are it would be to a man but you never know who you fall in love with and  it’s nice to now be able to get married to whomever you love.

However I digress  the point I’m making is this change  means that we as a people, as human being, are taking one step closer to treating all people as equals with equal rights. That is the ultimate  dream.

So what do you think? Did I meet the challenge, did I use the letter from where I said I wouldn’t use it?


An Un-love story: A Haiku

  • We met from afar.
  • Like fireworks, we fell in love.
  • First love pure and sweet.
  • His love flipped my world
  •  he my prince, I his princess
  • our love  forever.
  •  suddenly he’d gone
  • sharp and fast as lightning
  • to another’s  arms.
  • He left me broken
  • My heart shattered to pieces.
  • I hate him,  and still
  • It’s love that I feel
  •  He’s moved on with something blond
  • I breath and live on!


Just a moment ago I was sitting here lacking the inspiration to write so I turned on Pandora and I heard dilemma by Nelly. Now I know that it isn’t the deepest song in world but still the song made sad. After I got over my little bout of sadness I started thinking. What is it about music that invokes such emotion.

What exactly draws us in. Is it the words or melody? Personally I’m most drawn to songs that I  relate to such as Nelly’s dilemma. The song reminded me of a situation in my past and that memory got me thinking. Now I have a working theory about music.  See my theory is that music is meant to be a cue to spark a desired feeling or memory in all of us.

However everyone is their own person who see things in their own prospective  so it makes sense that the same song would cue up  different emotions for  different people causing some to like certain songs that others don’t. Thinking about it this  way  music is a very emotionally driven art form and I too am driven by emotion I guess that’s why I love it as much as I do!