Just a moment ago I was sitting here lacking the inspiration to write so I turned on Pandora and I heard dilemma by Nelly. Now I know that it isn’t the deepest song in world but still the song made sad. After I got over my little bout of sadness I started thinking. What is it about music that invokes such emotion.

What exactly draws us in. Is it the words or melody? Personally I’m most drawn to songs that I  relate to such as Nelly’s dilemma. The song reminded me of a situation in my past and that memory got me thinking. Now I have a working theory about music.  See my theory is that music is meant to be a cue to spark a desired feeling or memory in all of us.

However everyone is their own person who see things in their own prospective  so it makes sense that the same song would cue up  different emotions for  different people causing some to like certain songs that others don’t. Thinking about it this  way  music is a very emotionally driven art form and I too am driven by emotion I guess that’s why I love it as much as I do!